Terms of Service

The Company is not a registered bank and will not be held accountable for any harm, expenses, or losses that may arise from the investor failing to adhere to the terms and regulations listed on the website. By signing up, you agree not to use this website for any illegal activities and to abide by both international and local laws.
The company has the authority to alter the terms including fees, program rates, and regulations at any moment, without prior notice. Particularly when it comes to safeguarding the interests of investors.
You agree that you understand the obligations and are knowledgeable about the current terms.

Investor's rights.

You agree to abide by the following rules:
Provide only accurate and true personal information.
To be of legal age (18 years or older) when registering.
To show respect and tolerance towards other investors in the company
Do not use this Website for money laundering purposes.
Avoid using money that has been obtained through illegal means.
To honor the confidentiality of trade secrets and the right to withhold information regarding any private dealings.
Do not use SPAM or any other harmful applications that disrupt the website's integrity and functionality.
The company does not appreciate any efforts to damage its reputation through the production of negative articles and videos on social media. ATiSHARES, on the other hand, is always prepared to offer assistance.

The company is entitled to:

Update and include new content on the website.
Revise and remove the information on the Website.
Offer an investor with advice and information services.
Pause or temporarily halt the sending of any information through the Website without prior notice for the following reasons:

The company also reserves the right to:

If the investor violates these rules, their account may be blocked and services suspended.
Modify the existing Rules without getting approval first.
Modify and alter the website's content without obtaining approval beforehand.
Enhance and supplement the current investment opportunities.
Adjusting a partner's pay without getting approval first
Distribute materials to every user who is registered with the company.
Utilize the provided personal information of an Investor to enhance and streamline the investment interaction process.
Decline to work with any individual without providing a reason.
Offer full assistance and aid to investors in accordance with the guidelines specified on the website.
The company bears no responsibility for issues and inconveniences caused by the temporary suspension of the work of the Website, which occurred as a result of the above reasons.
It is also not responsible for losses caused and damages connected with the temporary suspension of service delivery resulting from the action of the above reasons.